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In Chinese "Mei Li" means "Beautiful"

At Mei Li Makeup we will give you a beautiful makeup application also known as - The Mei Li Look™. Our professional makeup artists will pamper you and prepare you for your special event.

No matter what type of event you're attending, we will give you the Mei Li Look™ you desire. Wether it's that natural every day look which we call the Wearable Mei Li Look™ or that high fashion look called the Runway Mei Li Look™.

Why Choose The Mei Li Look™ Makeover?
We believe every woman is beautiful! The Mei Li Look™ Makeover is designed to bring out your natural beauty. If you need to look your best for your next special event or photography session come in for a Mei Li Look™ makeover and learn how to enhance out your true beauty.

At Mei Li Makeup we believe when you look better, you feel better!

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before and after makeover
Photography by Wayne Wallace Photography
在中國的“美利”的意思是“美麗” 梅李化妝,我們會給你一個漂亮的妝也被稱為應用程序 - 梅李瞧™。我們的專業化妝師將為您和您準備為您的特殊事件。 不管是什麼類型的事件,你參加,我們會為您提供美李看?你的願望。閹它是自然的,我們稱之為的耐磨梅李瞧™或看起來稱為高級時裝跑道梅李瞧™每天看。 為什麼選擇美李瞧™化妝嗎? 我們相信,每一個女人都是美麗的!梅李瞧™改造的設計襯托出你的自然之美。如果你需要尋找最適合你的下一個特殊的事件或攝影會議在梅李查找™改造的,學習如何提高你的真正的美麗。 在梅李化妝,我們相信,當你更好看,你感覺更好!